Production Work Order Reporting


This production work order reporting program performs [16.19] "Work Order Operation Backflush" to:

1. issue components at milestone work centers

2. receive parent at last routing-operation

3. report run time elapsed since beginning this production batch


This is one of our favorite "superscreens" that does everything. It works through 16.19 "Work Order Operation Backflush" and it performs work order actual labor reporting, component issues (backflushes) by milestone routing operation, parent receipt into inventory.


The sample screen below is a "focused" version we created for Amtico International. The actual labor reporting is done for Amtico based on elapsed time between the last operation (work center) reported and the current operation (work center) being reported. The components at each milestone operation are automatically backflushed (issued) to the work order, based on the quantity reported (Good, NonPerfect, Scrap).


Notice how simple the screen is compared to the complex "vanilla" MFG/PRO screen 16.19.